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Advice Defence Security

TUTOR CDS is a certified “Investigation Institute” owner of a full license released by the Italian State: the Institute is qualified to operate in all the areas required by applicable law in this scope, without territorial restrictions.


Our goal is the customer protection from all points of view: defends and security of the physical person and the safeguard/assurance of his business.

TUDOR CDS Investigation Institute always ensure timely support, efficient and discreet.


The Institute is able to provide a professional solution suitable to any request made by the Customer both operating directly and selecting, coordinating and making use, when appropriate and necessary, of the best partnerships in sectors connected to ours.


We created an institutional and international web site, simple and direct: reflecting the approach we want to have with our customer. We are able to support our customer to reach his goal interacting with him using his own language.

TUDOR CDS is for our international customer a reliable partner: an important reference point, crucial, especially in these days, especially in Italy.




The holder of TUTOR CDS Institute of Investigations is Dr. Andrea Pampana.


25-year career in the Italian Military Police (Carabinieri) with a broad global operational experience, a PhD at the University of Siena, a continuous updated (technical and legal): these are qualities that guarantee the customer a professionality adapted to each situation, certified by the full license received by the Italian state thanks to these prestigious references.


In addition to this the high sense of duty, skilled staff and selected experts also among former members of the Police Force and Special Forces, confidence, clarity and simplicity in the relationship: are all qualities that TUTOR CDS makes available to the international customer.


But we want to emphasize our main feature we believe is our most important asset:

the reliability is the main requirement of the Institute on which the customer can count on, always.


The Institute is generally operating in the Italian territory, and for certain types of specific services offered, TUTOR CDS is leader in the macro operational area shown in the map.


TUTOR CDS, is Italy's reliable reference point for international customer.




                          INVESTIGATIONS AND INFORMATION


TUDOR CDS is the owner of a full license enabling to operate in all the main areas:

that means we are able to execute, concerning investigations and information, each job (provided by law) requested by our customer within Italian region.


It’s enough to explain your problem or the goal you want to achieve:

the Institute will provide you a first advice professional simple and for free in order to make the customer able to do some evaluations before taking a decision.


TUDOR CDS can provide everything is desired by the customer – within the Italian law.







                        PROTECTION OF BUSINESS

                          VALUABLE GLOBAL INFORMATION


"Protection of business" is a specific service to the attention of those who are interested in investing or protect their business on the Italian territory


The international customer who wants a reliable partner to refer to for his business investments, purchases or property management, for the recovery of a credit, and much more, can count on TUTOR CDS: the valuable global information the Institute can provide about companies, real estate, personal property and clearly people will be crucial, in order to enable the Customer to PROTECT his business in Italy.


This particular type of service is offered only in the macro main operational area where TUTOR CDS is a leader.


In fact, thanks to the widespread presence of selected contacts can be activated from time to time by the Institute based on the actual needs and local partnerships of high level, TUTOR CDS can offer exclusively in this particular geographic area a high degree of effectiveness of the service and the sense of duty that characterizes the Institute prevents to offer customers ineffective services.


For that reason TUTOR CDS is really the reliable reference point for the protection of your business


                        LOGISTICS & SERVICES

                          EXECUTES, SELECTS, COORDINATES


In our society, in the whole world and especially in Italy, the most important feature of a partner is always reliability.

TUDOR CDS directly provides, selects and coordinates the best partners for the Customer in order to grant the best professional skills but especially looking at the reliability.


The Customer may contact the Institute for the most prestigious traditional business services or make custom requests.


Any activity relating to logistics & services for stays, business meetings, events (with a limited number of participants), displacements, guided tours, security, bodyguard, and more can be satisfied by the Institute: it is aimed at the VIP customer who want maximum organization, elegance, protection and assistance, at the highest levels.


TUDOR CDS schedules, organizes, and manages at the TOP all Customer’s requests.



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PHONE. +39 331.3679298

MAIL info@tutorcds.it




Contact information is very important to assist the customer in his own assessments.


The Institute will provide a first advice “for free” useful to understand:


- the real possibility to achieve the objective;

- the necessary modality to achieve it;

- the detailed costs may be incurred;


Always with professionality, simplicity and confidentiality, in the native language of the customer.



TUTOR CDS Investigation Institute



Office: Via Variante Aurelia nr. 2/C 19038 Sarzana (SP)

Italian State License nr. 32774 of 12.07.2016

VAT 01371740117


...simply reliable

+39 331 3679298